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Default Re: ANTM: Whitney, ep.6

Aw, what a pity about Aimee going. I would have loved to have seen a final two between her and Whitney. I really can't stand any of the other contestants.

But BRAVO to Whitney for being the only plus-size model ever to earn first callout. It's about time! She definitely deserved it.

Originally Posted by HSG
In perhaps the only indication of the show's Christmas-time filming schedule, the camera caught a glimpse of Whitney enjoying a candy-cane. Small picture or not, it is an extremely pretty one. Notice what a cute accessory a piece of candy can make.

I really like that picture. I've seen candy used as a prop in Seventeen-type magazines and ads, but never (yet) in junior-plus or plus-size photos. It's a nice touch.

By the way, I found a short video of Whitney in one of her modelling jobs prior to ANTM. If you click on the following link, then select "Whitney" (the top name on the right), you'll see a short testimonial that she did for a cosmetic-dentistry company. She's really charming, just like on the show. I prefer her with her current look, but she was lovely as a brunette too.
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