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Default Re: Seventh Anniversary

Originally Posted by HSG
"Goya emphasizes Doņa Isabel's best features, her eyes and her fresh colouring . . . the incipient double chin adds to her youthful charm."

How refreshing to see a writer praising this feature so specifically. The authors all seem to be falling over themselves in their praise of the lady's charms. I think their reactions show just how potent beauty can be, in overturning modern standards of thinness, and reawakening an appreciation for lush womanliness. No wonder this kind of beauty is suppressed in the modern world. It obviously IS very subversive, and inspires a discourse that is very pro-curvy.

But how sad if the last writer is correct, that some women tend to criticize the lady in the painting for looking full-figured. It shows how deeply ingrained modern aesthetic brainwashing really is. This painting has been admired for centuries, but a steady barrage of magazines and TV images has warped the eyes of these modern beholders, until they can no longer recognize true beauty.
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