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Default Re: Seventh Anniversary

Originally Posted by HSG
"The black dress accentuates the contrast with her luminous flesh, her sensual face, her fleshy mouth, her large eyes, her clear beauty. Underneath the aristocratic appearance there is vitality and personality."

Its so interesting that this lady is described as "sensual", AND as having an "aristocratic appearance". Both are true, but it shows just how much the idea of aristocracy has changed in our time. Today, high society and aristocrats are always depicted as being cold and brittle and patrician. But Goya presents Dona Isabel with warmth and passion in every inch of her being, yet as someone who still has class and dignity.

That kind of aristocratic dignity and self-possession is totally missing in TV depictions of plussize beauty today. Maybe thats what makes the few really great plussize models so compelling - they have it.

So nice to see a writer describe a double chin as "youthful". But it really is! No matter what the media today says, this is a "cute" feature, and when a woman loses this, her face starts looking old.

BTW, maybe its just me, but Dona Isabel reminds me of Kailee OSullivan.....
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