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Default Re: Lindsey: Goddess from the sea

I have to single out a few of the images for special praise. I love this one most of all, of course, because it shows off Lindseys curvy waist so proudly and unapologetically:

I adore the fact that this campaign doesnt try to Photoshop away any dimpled flesh:

And above, all, I appreciate Lindseys beauty, and her effortless self-confidence. That is what makes the images so effective - that she looks carefree, easygoing, like she really were going to the beach without even a trace of self-consciousness or concern, just knowing that shes "hot stuff" {grin}.

Not only do these pictures show a young model looking very curvy and naturally beautiful, but through Lindseys expressions and poses, they show what curvy girls today should be thinking and feeling too. Instead of being consumed by dark thoughts and self-doubts, they should feel happy and pretty - because they are. Instead of spending time locked in a gym-prison, or moping around with no energy because theyve been starving, they should head out to the beach, do something fun, live life - as they deserve to.
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