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Default Courtney: Big Sister

It is always interesting to receive updates about the current status of plus-size models who have put their fashion careers on hiatus. Even more gratifying is seeing new pictures of erstwhile models, because, as long as they have not diminished themselves but have instead retained or augmented their curves, they tend to look even lovelier after their careers than they do while modelling.

An article published in the July 22nd issue of the Hays Free Press, a regional Texas newspaper, gives fans a chance to catch up on the current endeavours of Courtney Hanneman, who is now using her married name, Legare.

Here, by the way, is Courtney's most famous tear sheet, a stunning Bealls ad of several seasons ago:

The Hays Free Press article devotes most of its attention to Courtney's participation in the Big Sisters program (, a commendable organization that pairs youth with older mentors.

The article illustrates how a Big Sister can mentor her charge in various life activities, and help nurture common interests. How wonderful, for example, to learn that Courtney and her Little Sister, Samantha, share a love of reading, particularly Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series.

But Courtney could have another positive effect on Samantha, beyond the ways in which the article suggests. This is signalled in the following paragraph:

"With a few business seeds planted, two pieces of cake downed, and a growing self-confidence, Sam makes her way back to the car with a bit more pep in her step."

If nothing else, Courtney is guaranteed to help her Little Sister grow up with positive body image, showing Samantha by her own example that a girl can eat whatever she likes, be comfortably full-figured, yet still be model-beautiful, and dress stylishly.

Notice how attractive Courtney looks in the photograph, and in particular, how luscious and full her arms appear. Compare this image with the Bealls tear, above, and consider how much rounder and shapelier his limbs have become. We are not fond of black attire, but the sleeveless top effectively frames the model's sumptuous limbs, drawing attention to their appealing fullness. And Courtney dresses her curves very well, sporting decorative accessories that press the top against her figure, thus defining her buxom contours.

With Courtney as her example, Samantha will grow up with the awareness that if she wants to be as pretty as her modellesque Big Sister, she should avoid diet-starvation and exercise-torture, and instead indulge freely in dessert whenever she likes. For Samantha, Courtney will be a walking antidote to media anorex-chic brainwashing.

If only more girls could be similarly blessed by positive role models--whether they be mothers, relatives, or even Big Sisters--the incidence of eating disorders would be greatly reduced, and the next generation of young wowmen would grow up appreciating their naturally full-figured beauty.

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