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Default ''Forever Beautiful''

(Originally posted on The Judgment of Paris Forum, August 09, 2004, in response to a comment from Melanie, praising the gallery image posted below.)

It's true--no image could more perfectly capture the realization of our fondest hopes and dreams than that little snapshot:

Think of it: A group of people standing before a poster of Barbara Brickner entwined with two goddesses, in Regnault's 19th-century painting, The Three Graces (which is itself a reinterpretation, with paint and brush, of a work of Classical sculpture)--admiring it, and being inspired by it, exactly as they would be by the original painting, or by the sculpture that preceded it. A modern audience seeing a living plus-size model bring the Classical ideal to life in our own day and age--an ideal of Beauty that has lasted since the dawn of Western civilization.

It is everything that we knew Classical femininity could achieve--and more.

Still the greatest plus-size retailer in the world, Elena Miro deserves limitless accolades for creating this most inspired of all advertising campaigns. No, more than a campaign--a philosophy in images; a true aesthetic restoration.

Linked below is our archive page, containing the complete, translated texts of all of the Elena Miro material pertaining to this magnificent project.

Barbara Brickner--a beauty for all time:

- ''Forever Beautiful''

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