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Default Re: Luxurious lace (article)

I don't have any lace styles to add, but on the point about the growing apprecation of femininity, I came across another article that talked about its importance this spring:

It states that:

"-- Whether it's in the form of ruffles, lace, chiffon or floral prints, femininity is key this spring.

-- The most popular fashion accents for spring include feminine touches such as embroidery and beading."

But what I also found interesting were the results that it noted in a new customer survey:

"According to a recent survey conducted by Kohl's Department Store, 76 percent of women cited that adding new spring fashions to their wardrobe helps to reenergize and uplift their spirits.

Buying a trendy new clothing item also ranks high on the endorphin scale.

Similar to eating chocolate or getting a great haircut, women associate positive and energizing attitudes with shopping for trendy clothing."

It may sound like special pleading by retailers, but I believe there's a lot of truth in that. And it repeats a point that has been made on this forum before: that this represents the "good side" of capitalism. These activities allow a woman to enrich her life a little. And the comparison with eating chocolate underscores how preferable it is for her to spend her resources on these activities, which make her feel good about herself, rather than on diet-starvation and exercise-torture, which diminish her quality of life, and make her feel bad about herself. Spending a fun day shopping and eating chocolate (and maybe taking in a museum) is infinitely more enjoyable that spending the day starving, or locked in a gym prison.

Speaking of Kohl's I think that company deserves credit for its advertising too. They've featured Barbara Brickner in several recent flyers. Here's an image that I thought was especially pretty:

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