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Default ''Refusing to simply hide'' (excellent article)

This is one of those perfect, positive articles about plussize fashion that we are seeing more of lately. Not a word about epidemics, flaws, or any other nonsense. Just a really exciting look at how fashion is getting more and more pro-curvy all the time.

Just listen to some of these quotes -

"Refusing to simply hide their curves behind oversized tunics and formless jackets, today’s plus-size woman wants stylish pieces that highlight her assets. And many find the cami, in its many incarnations, to be the piece of power."

And as the article says, its not just about showing off the figure, but about being feminine and beautiful -

"There’s better shaping. They’re more body conscious and often made with beautiful embellishments, like lace," explains Catherine Lippincott of the camisoles offered by Columbus, Ohio-based Lane Bryant stores.

"It started about a year ago when we started seeing feminine details, embroidery and lace trim. It morphed into the camisole being the key items and seeing celebrities wearing it," Lippincott says.

I think this article shows how the old anti-plus, shame-based rules of fashion are dead - and its about time!

"One of the early misconceptions was that you had to create a line that was covering up," Weiss said during a telephone interview from his Woodbury, N.Y., office."

"Bare is a very strong category for us," Weiss explains. "Babydoll tops that are strapless, camis, tanks and even the miniskirt, which was a very strong seller last year."

This is the spirit of true size celebration. The article is here -

And it even comes with a terrific picture. For once, everybody who put this story together really got it right -

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