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Default Re: ''Refusing to simply hide'' (excellent article)

The image is lovely (what a great setting!), the tone of the article is refreshingly affirmative, and the fashions themselves are gorgeous--and perfect for the fuller female figure. What more could anyone want?

And no trend could be more welcome for the plus-size industry than the popularity of the camisole. This item capitalizes on the body-as-fashion-accessory principle, whereby full-figured goddesses realize that their most attractive features are their own womanly curves. The camisole shows off the shapely arms, soft shoulders, and generous decolletage that are the hallmarks of every goddess. And at the same time, its romantic and feminine touches render the effect of this apparel very chic and feminine, as Melanie noted. It is a perfect example of "tradition + sexiness," and wearing an item like this can raise a curvy vixen's self-esteem threefold--and her attractiveness tenfold.

As the article points out, the versatility of the item is marvellous. The same basic design can either be casual, or very dressy, especially when it is worn with a skirt (the ideal combination).

And just as encouraging as the growing popularity of this extremely curve-friendly style is the article's revelations about the rising fortunes of plus-size fashion in general:

"From July 2004 to June 2005, the plus-size industry generated $17.4 billion up 4.1 percent from the year before."

This news--coming at roughly the same time as the announcement that the Atkins company has gone bankrupt--indicates that curvy vixens are increasingly devoting their resources to things that will make them look good and feel good, just the way they are, and not on methods of self-inflicted punishment. Undoubtedly, there a direct correlation between the increasingly feminine nature of fashion in general, and its popularity with curvaceous customers. At last, full-figured women have clothing options that they can really enjoy buying and wearing, and which will enable them to outshine their underweight rivals on every occasion.

Melissa Masi showing off a lovely example of this enchantingly feminine style:

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