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Default Re: Kailee in August Glamour

Originally Posted by HSG
Glamour achieved tremendous success earlier this year when it featured Miss O'Sullivan in a visual masterpiece that was altogether the most size-positive and beautiful image that the magazine has ever produced--one which actually displayed the model's soft curves.

I agree. While the two pages posted above are nice, they're "safe," but the linked May 2007 image of Kailee was possibly the most size-positive picture ever published in any magazine outside Mode or Figure.

What made it so special was that Kailee didn't try to hide her soft and curvy waist, but showed it off proudly and beautifully. The world could be changed with more images like that.

By contrast, the August 2007 issue of Jane magazine has a two-page spread of Kate Dillon in the buff, and the image ultimately fails. Why? Because Kate is sucking in her tummy. Come on! I mean, what's the point? What kind of message does that send, other than a negative one?

I don't know whether it happened because the model is still (after all these years) uncomfortable with looking plus, or because the magazine chickened out, but it was really disappointing to see. If only Kate could have relaxed and displayed a soft figure, the way Kailee did.

At least, in the one instance linked above, Glamour got it right. If only more magazines would promote size-celebration this way.
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