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Default Re: Jenn Purviance for Sealed with a Kiss

At last, Sealed with a Kiss has released the look book for which all of the above images were previews.

Jenn looks absolutely stunning. This white gown shows off her womanly proportions. Also, it's fascinating to see her adopting a more darkly sensual facial expression.

The locations for the shoot are truly a slice of heaven and greatly enhance the beauty of the images.

This blouse is very accommodating on Jenn's generous hips. The blossom in the air is an adorable touch.

Michael Anthony's photography really brings out both the loveliness of the setting and the model.

I absolutely adore the white picket fence in the background, with its pretty archway, as well as the blossoming flowers.

This dress bares Jenn's sumptuous, soft arms.

Michael Anthony also captured a number of images of Jenn in motion. Oh, I wish there had been a video for this shoot! These shots give a sense of what it would have looked like.

Another view of Jenn's gorgeous, full arms.

This is a stunning presentation of the model's celebrated legs, with their natural, dimpled flesh -- sooo much lovelier than the synthetic, plasticized images in fashion magazines.

Such a playful image, showing Jenn in a water fight. The picture provides a discreet glimpse of her decolletage.

And finally, a full view of the main photograph of the campaign, which caused such a sensation.

Be sure to click on the link to see these (and more) images full size, and to read an account of the making of this stunning shoot.
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