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Default Re: Barbara: C.J. Banks's holiday season

When I look at this thread, all I can think of is how wonderful our society would be if it featured timeless beauties such as Barbara on billboards, and in advertising generally, rather than the waifs who appear there now.

It's also been a marvellous Christmas-themed thread.

I received one more C.J. Banks circular in my inbox today that I can share here:

Doesn't Barbara look adorable in this picture? I love the little trace of wickedness in her smiling feline eyes. Christmas can be a bittersweet time, with a mixture of happiness for the season's festivities mixed with sadness over the absence of departed loved ones, but this picture warms my heart as surely as a blazing hearth.

From the wit and wisdom that I've seen Barbara express in her interviews, and in her "She is Alive" song lyrics, I have no doubt that her Christmas correspondence would be magical indeed.
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