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Default Re: Christina: Second Torrid series

Here is Christina in that appealing floral print:

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It's easy to see why this item is so popular. The print has an enchantingly vintage quality to it. This is a highly traditional feminine design--unabasedly Old World, gloriously so--and yet on a curvy figure like Christina's, it also becomes highly sensual. The crocheted ruffle trim around the neckline adds to the rustic quality of the look. It's as if a garment from the 19th century were adapted, very successfully, for the present day.

Note the detail on the hem at the bottom--another vintage touch. This top would go even better with a skirt, but nevertheless, it plays up the attractively unmodern aspects of Christina's look, adding to her beauty. Torrid seldom gives her vintage-style items such as this to model, which is a shame, because she exhibits the garment perfectly. It's as if the piece were made just for her. The item begs for an outdoor editorial shoot in a natural, rustic setting.

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