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Default Re: Study: Chocolate is healthy (truth)

That's interesting to hear especially since chocolate is associated with such negative connotations in our culture. Reading this article made me think of another article that I read while I was doing a paper for a class I had. The article is dated June 6, 2005. It's fairly reccent, but it might not come up.

Just in case the link didn't work the article states:

"Voluptuous women are healthier than their waif-like counterparts, scientific research said today."


"A curvaceous, pear shape means a woman is more likely to have stores of adiponectin, a protein hormone which has anti-inflammatory effects and is associated with reduced risk of heart attacks."

And here's the best part.

"Danish scientists found the ideal measurements for a woman are at least size 14 with hips of 40 inches or more."

Even though it begins with a pro-plus mindset, the article goes sour by 'hinting' that full figured women are unhealthy. Please, gimme a break. But what's this have to do with chocolate? To reach the ideal measurements of a size 14 or chocolate. To quote Melanie, "not only does it enchance the beauty of a curvy figure, but it keeps the body healthy as well." Now that's a double plus.
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