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Default Re: Barbara: Living work of art

It's not a dress, but Barbara is currently modelling a new top at Nordstrom that is just about as exciting:

It looks sooo good on her amazing figure. Talk about a design "for curves only"!

The description is also very interesting, in light of recent comments about figure-embracing wardrobe. The product write-up says:

"Curve-loving nylon mesh is softly draped and ruched for the ultimate in figure flattery."


"Due to the nature of the fabric, this item will stretch and conform to the body."

It's nice to know that retailers are finally figuring out that "curve-loving" clothing is clothing that will "conform to the body," showing off all the contours. And it's interesting that ruching is again the method used to achieve this attractive effect.

I'm glad that ruching continues to be popular. Now, if they would only bring back the frills and ruffles and were in style a season or two ago, plus-size fashion would be unstoppable.
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