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Default Re: Ads ruin body image (report)

Yet another story about the report appears here:

Here's one of the action items that the report is advising:

It will call for the restriction of airbrushing and ask for ads showing altered images to carry a notice.

The call is being backed by another 42 experts, who agree the images "that depict ultra-thin, digitally altered women models are linked to body dissatisfaction and unhealthy eating in girls and women".

No question about the degree of damage that they cause. And given that, I'd say that while the idea of carrying a notice is better than nothing (like the "cigarettes kill" warning labels on tobacco products), it's simply inadequate, given the magnitude of the problem.

The "restriction of airbrushing" is better. But really, ads promoting emaciation shouldn't exist at all. They should be banned outright as being the triggers of potentially fatal illness. There is no reason to use anorexic-looking models when plus-size models are just as effective at what models need to do, but without the negative effects on body image.
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