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Default Roberto Cavalli dislikes skinny models (article)

This isn't the first time that a designer has condemned underweight models and expressed a preference for full-figured girls - despite the fact that his own model choices belie his words.

It seems to be very easy to claim a preference for curves, but very difficult to translate that into actual visual representation.

Still, the words are good enough that they're worth quoting here, if only for the idea:

Skinny rejected

11 Jan 2010 07:00

Roberto Cavalli dislikes skinny models.

The Italian fashion designers doesn't understand why so many people in the industry create clothes for super-thin models.

He insists most outfits look best on women with curves, which is why he only uses models with breasts and a bottom.

"I've also never been influenced by that trend of putting thin, ethereal women on the catwalk," he explained. "I've always looked for real women with curves because I'm fascinated by the shape and harmony of a women’s body."

All true. Now I just wish he would prove it by showcasing his designs on models over a size 14.

Still, at least his design aesthetic sounds lovely:

He has designed a new range of floaty gowns which were created to show the beauty of femininity, all of which are sculpted from soft and flowing fabrics.

"I wanted to show off the women's sensuality through transparencies...

"I've used the muted tones of Florence's buildings, the colour of olive leaves, the pale blue of a spring sky, and mixed them with my new prints.

Beautiful - very much of a piece with the New Femininity.

In another article, he seems to be outlining the fashion approach of the aesthetic restoration:

"I've looked for a new vision of romanticism, bucolic, poetic. A kind of hymn to a more simple life."

If only he could realize that "romantic, bucolic, poetic" visions are best expressed by the organic, harmonious beauty of full-figured models.
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