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There is something about promotions that is utterly unique--and inexpressibly wonderful. Not only do they exhibit a genuine Mode-like sensibility, an unabashed joie de vivre, but they also have a particular quality that is uniquely their own, and is not duplicated by any other campaigns.

Let's call this quality . . . playful.

Here is Barbara on the cover of the Summer 2006 catalogue, relaxing on a hammock and indulging in a little well-deserved idleness. (You can view this and many other images in this thread at a larger size by clicking on them.)

Click to enlarge

The "sweet idleness" theme (which the Italians call "Dolce far niente") appears frequently in this campaign--case in point, the following image, showing Barbara recumbent amid soft cushions:

But here is where gives us something original. Instead of merely showing Barbara at rest, they also show her at play. This is surely the first time that we have ever been priviledged to post an image of a plus-size goddess engaged in . . . a pillow fight.

Click to enlarge

Do you see what we mean about "playful"?

Also, while we are not especially favourable to denim at this site, one has to acknowledge that Barbara's curvaceous figure makes her by far the best jeans model in the world.

Here is another charming image showing Barbara's whimsical side. One gets so used to worshipping her as a goddess on the pedestal of timeless beauty, that one forgets that the Venus of myth also had her roguish moments.

Click to enlarge

Plus-size models try so hard to match the "edginess" of the straight-size fashion world that they forget to indulge in a touch of girlish fancy, from time to time. And yet, these playful images are still chic, and still show off the model's beauty--in this case, for example, her gorgeous arms:

But by now, Barbara Brickner's most ardent fans will be saying, "Yes, yes, that's all well and good, but we still remember her stunning swimwear images from last seasons's campaign. Are there any here?"

Only a few. It may seem incomprehensible why would engage the services of the greatest swimwear model of all time, and not ask her to model beach attire. (It would be like having an 18th-century Viennese aristocrat commission a concert by Beethoven, but not ask him to play his best works--his sonatas.)

But the company does offer a few "teases." There is this image, which is one of the most memorable in the catalogue. Not only does it show off Barbara's gorgeous figure, but it reveals how much longer Barbara is wearing her hair now--and how much this adds to her already peerless beauty. With the sunlight catching her soft hair, and the palm trees swaying in the background, this epitomizes the original Mode spirit.

How wonderful that this company is playing in Mode's key. offers another swimwear "tease" on its Web site,

along with two images showing Barbara modelling a beach cover-up:

Click to enlarge

And although the term "cover up" is anathema to size celebration, it is nevertheless a style that has its own merit, as these "cover-ups" do draw attention to the model's shapely legs.

Click to enlarge

Sometimes, the most incidental images are actually the most gorgeous. Our own favourite from this entire series (besides the beach shots) might be the following photo, showing Mrs. Brickner admiring her own beauty in the mirror (and who can blame her?). Barbara simply glows with vitality here, beaming with rich, opulent health. Who could ever prefer a life of starvation to the more generous lifestyle that begets allure such as this?

Click to enlarge

Another lovely headshot in the catalogue displays off Barbara's thick, auburn tresses, arranged in a voluptuous, carefree style that perfectly suits the campaign's gentle sensuality.

Click to enlarge

And the image of Barbara that appears on the home page likewise shows off her gorgeous tresses, and radiant complexion.

The topic of hair-scarves came up on this forum recently, and Barbara's fans noted that she has worn these accessories for many of her most famous shoots. (They were also a staple of Elizabeth Taylor's wardrobe, during the more voluptuous stage of her career.) Not only do they tie back the hair in a becoming manner,

Click to enlarge

but they also add a splash of colour to an outfit, making possible some interesting colour combinations.

Here is another version of the popular Barbara-with-the-parasol image, from the Spring 2006 campaign. The sun parasol is an especially feminine accessry, recalling 19th-century scenes of elegant ladies using them to shield their fair complexions from noontide rays. But this image also shows how they can be integrated into a casual, contemporary ensemble. And, like many traditional attributes of femininity, they make wonderful flirting devices, and comprise part of the perennial language of coquetry.

Click to enlarge

We have featured a large selection of images from the promotion, not only because they are all indescribably lovely, but also because the Happy-Size catalogues are difficult to obtain outside Europe. We are deeply indebted to Miss Helga M.--a friend and ally of this Web site--for enabling us to share the glories of this and every one of Barbara's inimitable campaigns with the world. Thank you so much!

Let's close off with an oh-so-cute image of Mrs. Brickner flashing a dimpled smile--dimples being yet another enchanting feature that comes with being full-figured. How much prettier and more youthful such a visage is than the harsh, sunken-cheeked faces of underweight models.

Click to enlarge

Truly, the company's name is well chosen, for not only is the process of acquiring (or maintaining) full, womanly proportions a "happy" one--as nature intended it to be--but "happy" is also the sensation that the sight of such beauty engenders in the viewer.

And that, too, is part of nature's plan.

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