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Default Dieting causes eating disorders - period

These findings are extremely important, as they provide irrefutable evidence that can be referenced when the mass media is taken to task for causing and exacerbating eating disorders. The old excuses by magazines ("We're not at fault") are now exposed for the lies that they always were.

Running pro-starvation articles is just as irresponsible (and cruel) by magazines, as if they would run pro-smoking or pro-narcotics articles. It's astonishing that such publishing practices have been blithely accepted for so long.

The study also proves what many people intuitively suspected: that any form of weight loss is a step towards an eating disorder. Not only should parents ban magazines that promote these harmful practices, but they should actively discourage their daughters from all forms of starvation, and should do everthing they can to encourage a completely comfortable attitude towards eating, and unconditional satisfaction with their curvaceous appearance.
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