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Default Re: Diet articles cause eating disorders (study)

Originally Posted by HSG
researchers still found reading articles about dieting predicted later unhealthy weight loss behavior.

These findings are very disturbing, but what's even more appalling is how little attention this extremely important study has been given. Over the past few days, this CNN article is the only time I've ever seen it mentioned. And yet, in the same time, the press has been blasting away with anti-plus, curve-hating propaganda by the truckfull. The weight hysteria has reached truly epidemic proportions these last few days, especially since New Year's.

I'm glad that at least one news organization devoted attention to these findings, but the media is still overwhelmingly biased against curvy women. Whether they are that way because the diet industry pays their bills, or because of their own innate prejudice, it's nothing less than a scandal- especially since this study proves just how much damage their pro-starvation brainwashing does, and how it ruins the lives of so many young women.

The same media that claims to push for "corporate accountability" is itself behaving in an incredibly irresponsible way, with its thin-supremacist dogma.
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