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Default Re: Diet articles cause eating disorders (study)

Originally Posted by HSG
The study adds to evidence that girls' attitudes toward their bodies are shaped by popular culture.

Previous studies have found that images of thin fashion models give girls immediate negative feelings about their bodies

"Shaped by popular culture," definitely - and shaped by the environment around them. Since the evidence is mounting that young women are influenced by what they read, it is likely that pro-diet talk on discussion forums (which is rampant) also has the same harmful effects.

Its regrettable enough to see pro-starvation brainwashing in magazines, but to see this propaganda reproduced on public forums is sickening. The older generation reinforces their negative own body image this way, and worse, passes it on to the younger generation, like an infection.

I hope articles like this achieve some "deprogramming" effect, but there needs to be an all-out quarantine. Magazines must start banning diet ads and articles, but it would also be extremely helpful if more forums put a stop to weight-loss advocacy too, and instead, favoured exclusively size-positive discussions.

Everyone has a responsibility to end this destructive cycle.
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