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Default Fashion next spring: a ''soft, soothing message''

A wonderful new article about fashion trends for next spring came out today:

The news is very encouraging, because it all fits in perfectly with the plus aesthetic. I hope the plus-size retailers pick up on these trends. I find the reference to "nurturing qualities" quite pleasing, as well as how many of the colors refer to delicious desserts and fruits.

In case the article disappears after a few days, I'll post an extended section here:


..."The colors are homey and soothing, said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute.

Designers are calling purple plum, while green is thyme, pink is blush, yellow is buttercup and blue is cornflower.

Then there's clove and espresso and earth and ginger and raffia and pecan -- all of which are some sort of brown.

So homey are some looks that designer Carolina Herrera trotted out a "coffee bean" bikini with "radish detail," and Betsey Johnson showed a "mint chocolate" -- pale green and brown -- baby doll dress.


Then there's the popular French vanilla, which is half yellow, half cream, said Eiseman.

"It's an ice cream color," she said. "It's that nurturing quality.

"There is a soft, soothing message coming this spring," she said. "We want to get away from the chaos."

The most striking palette for spring is barely there, said Joan Kaner, senior vice president and women's fashion director of Neiman Marcus.

In particular, she said, there is a preponderance of white, ivory, ecru and beige, with "a pop of apricot or blue" as accent.

Kaner said she expects clothes-conscious consumers will love what they see because fashion makes us feel hopeful.

"You get so depressed by the world situation, you want to bring some beauty into your life," she said."...
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