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Default Re: Barbara Brickner videos

I think it's incredibly admirable of Barbara to reject industry pressure to starve herself into a faux-plus size. This is a major problem in the industry, and one that just won't go away - the efforts to neutralize the subversive effects of full-figured models by diminishing their size.

Barbara's principled stance in this respect makes her talks so much more meaningful. She doesn't just pay lip service to body love - she actually lives it. If more models had the courage of their convictions, the way Barbara does, and if the smaller plus-size models became more genuinely curvaceous, the industry would be far more effective at changing society's ideals of beauty.

I found her interpretation of the Biblical passage quite heartfelt. And I'm glad that she added a feminine touch to her wardrobe and hairstyle. Even students who might have been resistant to her words alone must have been persuaded to accept her message by her sheer physical beauty.

On that note, there are two new images at Nordstrom worth sharing. The first shows Barbara modelling an empire dress. I love the cut around the bust, which is both sexy and elegant, especially with that ornamental detail. I'm not as fond of the lower area, which seems a little too flat, and surely could have been made more romantic. The expressions is pure Barbara magic.

This "Shirred Two Layer Dress" is a little more decorative, and the description plays up the feminine touches: "Ruched, beaded bodice plunges to a V-neck before softly cascading to a fluttery hem". Nordstrom helpfully offers a reverse view (which should be mandatory for every dress image):

It's also worth viewing a little smaller, to see the gorgeous sihouette that it makes on the model's figure. Those romantic details are so curve-friendly.
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