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Default Re: Figure (April '08) with Kelsey Olson

Kelsey's beauty really does take a person's breath away. It's not just that she has a soft, curvy figure. It's everything about her - the fair hair, azure eyes, round face, soft features. She really is the timeless ideal in human form, perhaps more so than any other model.

Many of the girls who are praised at this site are physically attractive, but Kelsey has something else. There's something...spiritual about her pictures, for lack of a better word. You look at her face in the close-up, and you completely understand what writers in other centuries meant when they wrote that through beauty, one could apprehend the divine. If angels existed, they would look like Kelsey.

And her expressions heighten this sensation, especially the dreamy, doe-eyed look that she gives in her close-up. It's so soft, so gentle. You feel...reverence - that's how lovely she is.

The first picture is my favourite, though, although I wish she had been given a more romantic top. If she had, it would have been Kelsey's most attractive image ever.
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