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Default Re: Elsa, The Snow Queen (Disney)

This is definitely the loveliest image of Elsa in this thread. I'm glad that it appears to be a still from the film itself. She's gorgeous. I only wish she were fuller-figured.

What a lovely name for the character too: Elsa. I immediately think of Elsa von Brabant, from Wagner's opera, Tannhšuser.

In some of the images, Elsa's hair reminds me of Kim Novak's, with its very light shade -- except much longer, of course, with that magnificent braid.

The best thing about having this character feature so prominently in a Disney film is that it will show young, fair-featured girls that they do not need to ruin their complexion (and risk skin cancer) with radioactive tans, but that their natural, milky-white skin tone is a thing of beauty, and allows them to do lovely things like blush in modesty, when the situation demands.

I do hope that the male characters in the film will be better than was the case in Tangled. That was the only weakness of Disney's otherwise fine Rapunzel film: that the male lead was so off-putting and low class, so unworthy of Rapunzel.

By the way, I found a lovely comment on Tumblr pertaining to the sentiments expressed in the O.P.:

Frozen, a Nordic fairy-tale

So, Iím European, and I think thatís pretty damn cool that Disney made a movie about a traditional Nordic fairy-tale. Is beautiful that someone (especially someone like Disney) talks about one of that tales that we all heard as little children, because nowadays the risk is that we forget about that, about a piece of our tradition and history.

So, Iím really happy about this movie and I canít wait to see it.
Very well expressed, and so true.
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