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Default Re: Elsa, The Snow Queen (Disney)

The Random House now features a number of covers of forthcoming Frozen books. My favourite by far is this one, showing Elsa looking sooooooo pretty. Her hair has a touch of "measured messiness," and she even has ice crystals in heir braid - like diamonds.

I think the speculation that Katherine Roll was the inspiration for Elsa is true! Not only does she have Katherine's Rapunzel-like braid, but in the above cover, Elsa has a lock of hair falling over her forehead, as Katherine did in this amazing picture from her test shoot with Lily Cummings:

Anyway, here's a lovely shot of Elsa arm-in-arm with her sister, with Elsa looking at least a tiny bit curvaceous.


I love how she's playing with her blonde tresses in this picture. She looks so sweet.


And for little children, a forthcoming Golden Book about Frozen:

Here's one more picture I found, showing the contrast in the two sisters' complexions. Elsa's is fairer, with that pink tone to her white skin, while her sister's is more Celtic.

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