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Default Re: Elsa, The Snow Queen (Disney)

The book-cover images with Elsa are breathtakingly beautiful. I was especially taken with this one:

I was fascinated by how Elsa's arm movements echoed the poster for the re-release of Disney's greatest film, Fantasia, which showed Chernabog (the Slavonic god of darkness, as seen in the "Night on Bald Mountain" segment -- literally "Czarny Bóg," or "dark god") with a similar arm arrangement as he wields his magic, along with a diminutive echo of the same pose from Mickey Mouse, from his "Sorcerer's Apprentice" sketch.

The contrast between Chernabog and Elsa as magians epitomizes the contrast between the aesthetic principles of the Sublime and the Beautiful (as outlined by Edmund Burke and Immanuel Kant in their works on aesthetics), which is so often discussed on this forum, like a visual, aesthetic clash between evil and good, between demonic magic and angelic magic.

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Also, I love the name, "Elsa." It sounds so pretty and feminine, but also distinctly Teutonic, immediately putting a person in the mind of the Nordic fairy-tale on which Frozen is based.

As soon as I read the name "Elsa," I immediately thought of Elsa von Brabant, the heroine of Richard Wagner's magnificent music drama, Lohengrin. I wonder if she was the inspiration for the name?

Here are a couple of old, 19th-century postcards showing how Elsa von Brabant was imagined by Wagner's contemporaries, which have been posted on this forum before. Like her Disney namesake, Elsa von Brabant sports long, fair tresses.

Here, in a collage of images from the opera, you also see Elsa von Brabant's long, golden hair, like Elsa's from Frozen, and her fair complexion. Plus, she's even dressed in blue, as is the Disney heroine.

The storyline of the music drama is very different from that of Frozen, of course. But I think the name might have been inspired by Elsa von Brabant, whom the Elsa from Frozen even visually recalls.
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