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Default Re: The world as it should be

I LOVED seeing these ads. They're so inspiring.

Close your eyes and imagine, just for a moment, what the world would be like- what a positive, uplifting, happy place it would be- if these were the ads that everybody saw all the time: on billboards, in magazines, on TV, everywhere. If this was what our media envionment looked like, the world really would be a better place.

The only thing that would have made these '50s ads more perfect would have been if they had featured fuller-figured girls, or actresses who were just as curvy as our favourite plus-size models of today. I really wish the girls in the ads were bigger. But regardless, they deliver a terrific message.

I wish all girls struggling with body image would print out these graphics and post them on their lockers, or in their rooms, anywhere where they could see them constantly, in order to counter the brainwashing that they otherwise get from today's media.
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