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Default Re: Spain to curb diet ads (article)

Originally Posted by M. Lopez
The restriction on diet advertising is an especially important step, though. Just as tobacco advertising is limited, so should diet advertising be, since it also promotes a type of behaviour that ruins the health of so many women.

This is indeed an excellent first step, and count on Spain to be the leader in this field, as it was with banning underweight models from its fashion shows.

Curbing and controlling diet ads is a fine beginning, but really, anything less than an outright ban on diet advertising is simply inadequate. Hopefully, this move is a step in that direction.

Weight-loss advertising of any sort, whether it advocates diet-starvation or exercise-torture, is an utter abomination. What other industry would be permitted to actively promote behaviour that severely damages the health and well-being of the majority of today's young women, and causes potentially fatal eating disorders--and not accidentally, or even negligently, but wilfully and intentionally? And yet, this is exactly what the weight-control industry has been getting away with for decades.

Even tobacco advertising (which thankfully has been curbed) does not claim that cancer will somehow make a smoker more attractive. And yet this is exactly what the starvation/torture industries try to make women believe: that by developing a cadaverous, malnourished, haggard appearance (very much like that of a cancer victim), they will somehow become more appealing.

Losing weight is, in women, the most obvious sign of illness--and the starvation industry someone manages to make women believe that looking ill, looking worse (and damaging their health in the process) is desirable.

The entire situation could be dismissed as the height of lunacy, except for the fact that the crisis is very real. Since the majority of young women have proven to be vulnerable to the toxic message of weight-loss advertising, it must be eliminated at all costs.

Charmaine (12pluUK) modelling for MkOne. The model is too thin, but the dress is very feminine, and flattering on a voluptuous figure:

Who could ever wish to starve away the curves that are required to make this outfit so attractive?

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