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Default Kailee O'Sullivan: IGIGI 2012

As a preview, IGIGI has just released some behind-the-scenes images of its first 2012 campaign, featuring plus-size model Kailee O'Sullivan.

The title of the shoot is "The Art of Fashion in Motion," a premise which the images very much bear out.

First here are a pair of pretty photos showing Kailee being prepared for the shoot.

I love the moment of reflection, on her part. Also, while Kailee is slim, she does at least have buxom curves.

Here's the "in motion" aspect of the campaign title realized. Kailee looks lovely twirling her skirt. The motion reminds me of traditional folk attire from Eastern Europe, in which young women would often dance, twirling in just such a fashion.

Kailee's tresses satisfy the "in motion" component of this dramatic photo.

Interestingly, the shoot appears to have given Miss O'Sullivan two distinct hairstyles: a long, straight, dark-haired look, and a blonde 'do with voluptuous tresses. Me, I'm partial to the blonde variant.

The IGIGI album even mentions that rose petals are to be among the props for this campaign.

It will be interesting to see the images that this shoot produces. I'm especially curious as to what the video will look like. With the focus on movement indicated in these preview pictures, it's sure to be a visual treat.
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