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Default Re: Kailee O'Sullivan: IGIGI 2012

IGIGI's latest "Glam Guide" features a number of early images from this shoot.

Kailee looks gorgeous! The opulent, voluptuous hairstyle is breathtaking, providing a perfect, opulent frame for her round facial features.

Here's an "in motion" photo, showing Kailee giving her figure a sinuous twist, and allowing her tresses to bounce most beautifully.

I've split this image into two, a left- and right-panel. The tresses are wild, though I wish they were even longer! Gorgeous movement photos of Miss O'Sullivan, and a I adore the hint of a curve under the chin in the photo at left.

Her buxom curves give the loose apparel shape.

The Glam Guide, as well as the IGIGI cover page, also show several of the brunette photos.
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