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Default Re: An afternoon with Kailee O'Sullivan

I too found myself very inspired by Kailee from this profile. Not only is she amazingly pretty, but she has all the right ideas.

I really like the fact that she "gets it" when it comes to models and sizes, and why faux-plus models are such a turn-off for customers. Kailee is right on the money when she says:

I think it gives women more hope and confidence when they see really full-figured women and girls in magazines, because they think, Wow, if they can do that, they are able to kind of celebrate those bodies in the media, they maybe I dont have to be so hard on myself about these 5, 10, 15, 20 pounds.
It's so true! I always wish plus-size models were fuller-figured, and Kailee is on the right track with this.

I'm also in agreement with her about how important it is for women to accept their soft, natural appearance, rather than torturing themselves into an artificial look in a gym prison:
I feel like its so important to express that people need to be accepting of natural bodies
its important to send the message to embrace your natural body
Yes to both! That's why certainly Kailee's Glamour page was so popular. Her figure looks very soft in that image, and very natural. It's no coincidence that the most beautiful models are also the ones with the softest-looking body types (Shannon Marie, Kelsey, Kailee, etc.). It's a more feminine and beautiful look, and it's more relatable too.
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