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Default Re: An afternoon with Kailee O'Sullivan

I agree with the comments that everyone has made so far. I also wish to add how very courteous and ladylike Kailee is. She comes across as a very classy young woman -- so polite and well-mannered. I found that little moment with the mineral water very revealing. Kailee went out of her way to set the interviewer at ease, which was very generous and thoughtful of her. That's undoubtedly yet another reason why she is such a successful model. She clearly would be a dream to work with.

I think her parents deserve credit not only for bringing her up to love her full-figured beauty, but also for raising her to be genteel and civil. Such graciousness is rare among today's youth.

She's also so cultured and cosmopolitan! She even speaks French. And she clearly appreciates art and culture.

I particularly loved the audio excerpts that came with the interview. Kailee has always had such a sweet, beautiful voice, and it was a pleasure to listen to it.
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