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Default Re: An afternoon with Kailee O'Sullivan

Kailee sounds like she would be a lot of fun to be around. As somebody else said earlier, though, I almost can't believe that she could have ever had any doubts about her beauty, since she's SO gorgeous. And she's prettier now than ever before.

The section in the interview that talked about height really made an impression on me:

“Do you believe that modelling should embrace girls with a more diverse range of heights?”

“Yeah,” Kailee replied. “I think they’re a little bit more lenient, but I think also they can start to be a little bit more lenient. I think height shouldn’t be that big of a deal…”

“Why do they put such a stress on height?” I interrupted her.

“I guess it just goes along with the model stereotype, in a way,” Kailee opined. “People like that ‘wow’ factor..."

How could they not realize that the “wow” factor of Kailee’s superlative beauty would exceed any impression made by the mere height of a model?

That's true! I would way sooner be taken by seeing Kailee's beauty on the runway than just by seeing a model who is tall.

There should definitely be more diversity in model's heights. I really relate to those models who are 5'8 or less - and that includes so many popular girls (Shannon Marie, Christina, Valerie, Hayley, and of course Kailee herself).
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