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Default Re: Kailee O'Sullivan IS Glamour

I swore off reading "women's magazines" (except for the occasional issue of Figure) some years ago, out of frustration with their contradictory messages, which were never more glaring than in their "shape" issues. Still, I have to admit that this stunning photograph of Kailee, actually celebrating her curvy waist, brought be back to the fold. I picked up the magazine earlier today.

The mixed messages are still there, of course. This issue does have some high points, including:

-a so-so swimwear spread, which shows two size-18 models

-an article about an author who slams diet myths (although the magazine's interviewer still tries to turn it into a body-diminishment piece)

and delightfully,

-an image of Emma, Lady Hamilton (who is praised as a "model who shunned corsets and stiff updos")

Emma's image is a small one, but it seems fitting to find it in this issue, since Kailee is one of the rightful inheritors of Lady Hamilton's legacy as an icon of full-figured feminine beauty.

Mind you, all this is offset by the magazine's diet ads and other regrettable features, including an astronomical waif count. I would have preferred to find the Kailee image in Figure, if only because then it would have been situated in a predominantly size-positive context, not contending with mixed messages.

However, Glamour is one of the few magazines that have some "influence" over the fashion industry and public perceptions, owing to its considerable readership. Therefore, hopefully, their progressive and daring presentation of such a gorgeous plus-size model -- softly-figured, fair, and feminine, rather than "toned" -- will encourage other publications (and perhaps even some plus-size fashion retailers) to adopt this timeless aesthetic in their own images and promotions.
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