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Default Re: Kailee O'Sullivan IS Glamour

What amazes me is how much superior this image is to those horrible "reality" campaigns. This photograph just as authentically depicts all of Kailee's natural curves as those campaigns do, but instead of showing the model in industrial undergarments, standing in front of a glaring floodlight- like she's in a police lineup- this beautiful picture shows her in sexy lingerie, gently lit in the manner of a museum sculpture, and posed in a comfortably recumbent position. It makes a world of difference.

And of course, the most crucial distinction of all is that unlike the women in "reality" campaigns, Kailee is utterly gorgeous.

This is how size celebration should look like- a faithful depiction of soft curves, but also a chic and stylish fashion photograph, of an indisputable goddess.

Oh, and by the way, did everyone catch that in the Entertainment Tonight video about this Glamour page, the host called her "Kallie O'Sullivan?" I think that brings the total number of variations that we've heard on her Christian name to five...
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