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Default Re: My interview with . . . Whitney Thompson

Even though Whitney isn't as full-figured as I wish she was, she makes up for it with her resolutely pro-plus statements. She's always so inspiring, especially in this interview, where she answered more significant questions that the fluff that she usually gets from most fashionista-type sources. She's really perceptive and very smart about the media and its devastating effect on young girls.

I like the fact that the interview mentioned the "cheerleader/prom queen" image. I'm one of the people who really responded to that aspect of Whitney's presentation. I'd love to see a full-figured prom queen or cheerleader character as the romantic lead in a Hollywood film (whether she's the protagonist or antagonist, it wouldn't matter- as long as she would be the star, and get the "hot" guy, etc.). Whitney embodied that role brilliantly, which is one reason why she was so exciting on ANTM.

By the way, Whitney was in on E! News again just yesterday, in a great segment about Charming Shoppes fashions. Here's the video.

Love the hair. She's always such a terrific spokesperson.
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