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Default Re: ''Slim = sad. Plus = happy'' (article)

Originally Posted by Emily
"I felt I was being punished and the portions were being reduced for no justifiable reason."

Wow, that was such an eye-opening article, Emily. Thanx for finding it. I think the quotations in the article are exactly right right - food deprivation is just senseless self-punishment. No wonder it makes people miserable.

And I think there is a lot of truth in the idea that women who lose weight secretly realize that they are losing their looks too. I just came across an article today about Kate Beckinsale, and how she felt she looked better when she gained weight for an upcoming movie role. Her husband apparently thought so too. I thinkeverybody now realizes this - except nearly everyone who works in the media that is.

Heres the link:

and the text:



British screen beauty KATE BECKINSALE is revelling in her new-found curves after putting on weight for her latest film CLICK, because the extra weight boosted her sex life.

The AVIATOR star, 32, put on 20 pounds (9.07 kilograms) to play DONNA NEWMAN in Click, much to her husband of 18 months LEN WISEMAN's delight.

Beckinsale says, "I had much bigger boobs and bottom and Len enjoyed my voluptuous body.

"It was nice he didn't run away screaming and I know he'll be around when I do decide to let myself go."
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