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Default Re: The FFFWeek Finale (with Lindsey)

I found the Web site of another photographer who shot the FFFWeek finale. I prefer Mr. Lew's pictures overall, but these are interesting too.

Here's Lindsey in her Pheline dress with her hair flying. Notice the image of the model on the video screen in the background.

Here's that cute moment where she dons her hat at the end of the runway:

Walking for Lotis Clothing:

And for K. Renee. I adore her smiling, happy face.

Here she is in the Igigi outfit:

This photo captures the adorable rise of the "slope toward the throat":

A close-up of Lindsey on the final runway walk-around, wearing her own dress (which is as pretty as anything else that was sent down the runway).

Here's the link to the hub page of all of this photographer's FFFWeek albums:
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