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Old 10th October 2011   #1
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Default Katherine Roll: Magic and Mystery

Ladies and gentlemen, we are privileged to bring you what may be the most gorgeous test photos that any model has ever created.

Stunning full-figured goddess Katherine Roll recently shot with New York photographer Patrick Brassard (, and the results are a beguiling blend of magic and mystery, an ideal depiction of timeless beauty in every possible aspect.

In the course of this photo shoot, we progress from the gentle warmth of day to the shadowy richness of night. The first image, at noontide, shows the model languidly posing by an elegant bridge in the middle of a idyllic park. Her beauty transcends belief. She appears softly curvaceous and well-fed, her shapely contours echoed by the rounded stonework of the bridge. Her blouse is breathtakingly pretty--an elegant, feminine, lace creation that appears to have been sewn in the 19th century, as enchanting an expression of Victorian loveliness as is the model herself. But the most exciting aspect is the sensual lassitude of the model's demeanour. She leans back gently, a look of inexpressible longing on her face, and, most thrilling of all, reveals a tantalizing glimpse of her bare midriff. There can be no purer expression of body love than for a size-18 model to disclose a hint of her soft waist. The effortless, untroubled self-satisfaction that such a pose indicates is intoxicating.

Click to enlarge

While sepia tints embellish many of the images in this test, giving the photographs a vintage quality that is perfectly in keeping with their Old World attractions, the following image shows Katherine's exquisite natural skin tone, a dazzlingly fair hue, the very embodiment of a peaches-and-cream complexion. The sunlight weaves its way through the branches to caress the model's soft skin and bathe it in a dappled glow. Her expression is achingly beautiful, a purely romantic look filled with yearning and gentle dreaminess. The azure blue of the sky and emerald green of the leaves play off against each other in a captivating way, and set off the model's passionate red lip colour. One imagines her to be a fairy-tale princess who has escaped from court and found a moment of quiet solitude in the primeval forest, where she indulges in sweet fantasy.

Click to enlarge

The third image, now set deep in the dark woods, finds Katherine reposing in all of her splendour, like an empress at court, as if the natural world itself were her realm. Just as the previous image showed the model's delicacy and softness, her irresistible vulnerability, so this photograph shows her magnificent vanity, the sheer power of her imperial beauty. The lavish fullness of her figure is palpable; the pose offers a compelling impression of the model's sheer presence and physical opulence. Her fitted tunic defines her buxom contours and suggests the womanly rondeur of her hips. The flowers amid which she is surrounded seem to blossom expressly as a tribute to her loveliness. The woodland path enters deeper into the shadowy glen behind her, while the sylvan foliage offers a muted emerald hue, as if externalizing the sensations that her beauty inspires: awe-inspiring, yet inviting. Katherine seems to merge into her surroundings as if she were half-dream, half-reality. She passively expects the tribute that is her due--and surely, when confronted by such gorgeousness, the impulse of every viewer would be to worship her unreservedly, to become the abject vassal of such a regal beauty.

Click to enlarge

The final image, a night piece, shows the model once again in her Victorian blouse, which betokens her timeless femininity and also defines her voluptuous curves. Fittingly, given the mystery of the dark lighting, her pose is now bolder and more provocative, a confident exhibition of her voluptuous figure. Her expressions have darkened with the dimming of the light, progressing from soft sensuality to velvety wickedness. To approach such a goddess would surely be intimidating, just as it would be to enter the shadows of the midnight forest toward which the bridge leads, with but one glowing light guiding the way. Is this apparition a fair angel, a beacon amid the darkness, or a femme fatale leading to soul-threatening peril? And truly, would one not eagerly leap into perdition for the sake of such loveliness? Is she a damsel to be rescued from this eerie gloom, or does she herself cast the spell that covers the world in night? Her enigmatic expression might portend menace, but her fair features also offer comfort. Is this dream or nightmare? And does the danger not heighten the appeal?

Click to enlarge

* * *

This compelling photo series is every bit as artistic and aesthetically accomplished as the finest Vogue editorial. Or rather, it indicates what Vogue editorials might look like if the classical beauty ideal had never been displaced, and if full-figured femininity remained the dominant aesthetic of fashion and culture.

The images blend Victorian qualities and contemporary elements in a harmonious presentation that reconciles the best of both worlds and updates timeless beauty for a modern audience. The settings recall 19th-century postcards with all of their exquisite detail, yet the styling seamlessly pairs contemporary pieces with vintage designs.

But above all, it is the model herself who is the key to the success of this shoot. No faux-plus model (let alone any androgynous waif) could have embodied such an opulent aesthetic. With her extraordinary talent and versatility, Katherine crafts these images into a bona fide editorial by offering multiple narrative possibilities, via her complex expressions and demeanour. Her poses are graceful and boldly showcase full-figured beauty, yet are completely naturalistic as well.

If one ever seeks to identify what a better, nobler might look like, in all of its components, one need only reference this shoot, which brings timeless beauty to life and points the way forward to a cultural aesthetic restoration.

(Click images to view larger.)

- Patrick Brassard Photography

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Old 10th October 2011   #2
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Default Re: Katherine Roll: Magic and Mystery

My goodness, if there has ever been a definitive photoshoot to express timeless beauty and demonstrate everything that the Judgment of Paris is all about, this is it. When I opened this thread, I could barely believe what I was seeing. I thought I was experiencing a fantasy. These images are artistic masterpieces.

Originally Posted by HSG
This compelling photo series is every bit as artistic and aesthetically accomplished as the finest Vogue editorial. Or rather, it indicates what Vogue editorials might look like if the classical beauty ideal had never been displaced, and if full-figured femininity remained the dominant aesthetic of fashion and culture.

True, but if anything, the Vogue comparison doesn't do justice to this wondrous shoot. I defy anyone to find a "high fashion" editorial in any glossy magazine that comes close to the beauty of these images. The only comparison would be to the photos in bridal magazines, but even then, while the settings would be nice, the models could never approach the beauty of Katherine, who looks even lovelier in this shoot than I have ever seen her before.

To choose a favourite among these pictures is very difficult, because they're all so perfect and together comprise a narrative, just as the post describes. For size-positive body love, it would have to be the first image, with the unutterably sensual display of a bare midriff. But the third image is the very epitome of Old World folklore, and looks like it came right out of a 19th-century storybook or a colourized engraving.

I am in heaven looking at these photos. I'd rather live in the dream realm that they depict than in the mundane modern world. Or better still, I wish that the modern world could be remade to look more like this, more like it was in the Victorian era itself -- the time that introduced lacy fashions such as Katherine wears, and built the gorgeous bridge on which she stands, and created the lovely English garden in which she is photographed, and most of all, in which Katherine's fair, full-figured loveliness was recognized as the true ideal of beauty.
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Old 10th October 2011   #3
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Default Re: Katherine Roll: Magic and Mystery

Originally Posted by HSG
But above all, it is the model herself who is the key to the success of this shoot. No faux-plus model (let alone any androgynous waif) could have embodied such an opulent aesthetic.

Yes, this really is the key that must never be forgotten. One could have the settings, attire, photography, and everything else, but without such a curvaceous and inspired model, it would all be for naught.

The simple truth is that Katherine was the perfect model for this shoot - perfect in figure and perfect in talent.

Her physical opulence matches the richness of the environment, from the lush, verdant greenery to the ornateness of the Neo-Gothic bridge. Her doll-like prettiness is of a piece with the beauty of the flowers and the stonework and the lacy apparel.

Her poses and expressions really are what creates the mood. Her open-hearted, faraway gaze in the second photograph melts the heart. Her languishing pose in the first image give it a sensation of sensuality and relaxation. These are the most beautiful expressions I've ever seen her create.

This is not only my favourite photoshoot from Katherine, but maybe my favourite shoot from any model, ever. It's mesmerizing.

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Old 10th October 2011   #4
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Default Re: Katherine Roll: Magic and Mystery

I love these photos so much, you have no idea. They're just absolutely flawless. Sometimes, a person can look at a photo essay and say, "This element was great, but that aspect could have been better," but in this case, I wouldn't want to change a single thing. Everything, but everything, is perfect, from the model to the setting to the wardrobe. Everything.

Each of the images is as beautiful as a painting. They transcend fashion. They really are works of art.

I adore the empowering, confident sensuality of the first photo, with the discreet glimpse of Katherine's midriff. But this is the one I love most:

It's the one that especially looks like it came out of a sophisticated magazine. More than that, it's cinematic. It reminds me of a scene from the Lord of the Rings, a scene that was actually mentioned on this forum in the past.

The visual of the noble statue crowned with flowers reminds me of Katherine ensconced in her floral bower.

But what's really brilliant, too, is the styling. I assume that Katherine did the styling herself, as in past tests, and she showed genius by making the fashions wearable and contemporary. For all that this shoot has a vintage feel, it is not a period piece, but rather, it is very much up-to-date, elegant, and chic. To find just the right attire to harmonize with the settings but still have it be on trend, that's an amazing feat, and Katherine accomplished it to perfection. That's what qualifies this as a true fashion editorial, worthy of any magazine.

Anyone looking at these photos must become convinced that a genuine plus-size model, so long as she is as superlatively gorgeous and talented as Katherine is, can create the most sophisticated and exquisite photographs that the fashion world is capable of producing.
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Old 11th October 2011   #5
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Default Re: Katherine Roll: Magic and Mystery

I have to agree with Renata as to her favourite, but really, each of the images is breathtaking. They all show a different aspect of Katherine's beauty. Indeed, I am amazed by her repertoire, which is second to none. She is so versatile in her poses and expressions, and can play every note of the emotional scale.

To me, the floral-bower photo that Renata highlighted suggests a possible storyline. Notice how contemporary Katherine's attire is, from her top to her eye-catching handbag to her sunglasses. (Very chic business with the sunglasses, by the way.) And yet she's surrounded by the most magical environment imaginable, truly like something out of a dream. The way I interpret the image is that an admirer saw Katherine sitting somewhere in a modern setting, perhaps somewhere in the city. But the moment that he laid eyes on her, her heart-stopping beauty entranced him, and in his imagination, all of the prosaic city structures around her vanished. In their place his mind conjured an Arcadian dreamscape, an idyllic forest-world of enchantment, the kind of surroundings that befit her transcendent beauty. He saw her as she truly is- a goddess living in the present day, Aphrodite herself dressed in contemporary clothing. It's a testament to the muse-like power of Katherine's beauty.

I adore the sensuality of the first photo, but I have a special place in my heart for the dreamy headshot:

I don't think I've ever seen fair skin photographed in such an attractively natural way. Katherine's complexion looks vividly natural, like soft flesh in real life. The image shows the flushed, fair colouring that true Nordic beauties possess. I love the fact that although the photographer is so creative with colour filtering, for this image he allowed the natural beauty of Katherine's complexion to dazzle the senses. And her expression melts the heart.
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Old 12th October 2011   #6
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Default Re: Katherine Roll: Magic and Mystery

Truly the most beautiful photoshoot I've ever seen. As the finest overall artistic image, I'd have to go with number three as well, Renata's choice, but I am in awe of the sensuality of this photo. Katherine has the most gorgeous figure of any plus-size model, and with this seductive pose, she exhibits her curves in a graceful yet highly alluring way. No other model has the figure to create such a beguiling effect.

Though it's such a provocative pose (with the hint of the model's waist), the vintage top and the elegant setting give the image artistic sophistication. Plus, her expression is so languishing. The image is hypnotic in its beauty.
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Old 13th October 2011   #7
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Default Re: Katherine Roll: Magic and Mystery

I am infatuated with the entire series. The images are so beautiful that I would love to frame them and display them proudly. They truly are works of art.

This shoot is a synthesis of many of the richest themes that have come up on the forum of late.

Most important of all, the model is gorgeous, youthful, and genuinely full-figured. Katherine is also fair-featured, thus the epitome of Victorian ideals.

Equally vital is the fact that she has the talent to generate such passionate, romantic expressions -- looks that stir the heart -- and to tell a story in each picture.

Then, there are the stunning locations, with sublime woods and pretty flowers and Neo-Gothic architecture.

The model's lacy top is like something out of a museum, a couture piece, and it sensually shows off her luscious contours -- thus making it both an expression of elegant Old World femininity and a seductive display of opulent curves.

Even the very presentation of these images as paintings-come-to-life draws on the art-gallery tradition that informs this site and provides the historical background to full-figured femininity.

This shoot brings together many separate elements that each epitomize a traditional, timeless aesthetic -- utterly at odds with the harsh ugliness of the modern world -- and synthesizes them into an ideal presentation of true beauty.

Bravo to everyone involved for creating this visual enchantment.
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Old 15th October 2011   #8
M. Lopez
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Default Re: Katherine Roll: Magic and Mystery

I keep coming back to these images time and again. Every aspect of the shoot contributes to its magic. I would like to add a word of praise for both the hairstyling and the cosmetics artistry. The makeup can really be appreciated in the second photo, where Katherine's skin tone looks so natural and beautiful, and especially in the choice of such a luscious red lip colour. In this care, red is a perfect choice because it helps Katherine create the persona of a young girl with romantic longings, perhaps dreaming of a sweet kiss.

Katherine's hairstyle in the first, second, and fourth photos reminds me of the styles that ChloŽ Agnew wears in concert when she has her hair straight and long. It's a lovely look and makes Katherine appear especially girlish. This has a very interesting effect both when Katherine's expressions work with the youthfulness, and when they contrast with it. For example, in the second photo, she generates a very sweet look, so with this hairstyle she looks fresh and young. On the other hand, in the fourth photograph, she looks very mature, so the hairstyle helps to soften what is otherwise an enigmatic look.

And speaking of the atmospheric fourth photo, I find it very compelling. It's an essential part of the quartet and a masterpiece of dark sensuality. Her pose is irresistibly beguiling, both physically believable and sinuously alluring. Plus, the image exhibits Katherine's gorgeous top better than any other photograph. I think of the picture as depicting a late-night assignation. Katherine might even be personifying some of the magnetic seductiveness of a female vampire, without being too stagey; just utterly compelling.

It amazes me that one model could create so many diverse looks and expressions, capture so many different moods and sensations, and evoke such rich emotions. I am as much in awe of Katherine's talent as of her breathtaking beauty.
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Default Re: Katherine Roll: Magic and Mystery

Everyone who has loved the images from this photo shoot will be thrilled to see the two new photographs that Mr. Brassard recently released.

The first shows Katherine in all of her radiant loveliness. The sunlight bathes her in a warm glow and tenderly illuminates her angelic face. Katherine possesses the ideal facial features: high cheekbones softened by facial fullness--the kind of rich, well-fed look that gives Victorian dolls their exquisite beauty. Yet her expression is far from innocent, but rather an appetitive, bewitching gaze, with her sensually parted lips and come-hither eyes. Such a provocative combination of cherubic facial features projecting high-temperature allure is utterly heart-stopping. One can almost perceive the model batting her eyelashes, despite the fact that this is a still image--and such an ability to create the impression of motion in a still photograph represents the modelling art at its highest level of accomplishment.

Her attire similarly blends Victorian elegance with pulse-quickening seductiveness. The gossamer fabric of her blouse is delicately embroidered with intricate floral designs, as if it had been hand-stitched by court couturiers for a fairy-tale princess. Yet the very sheerness of the blouse also makes it excitingly alluring, as the diaphanous material subtly discloses a hint of the model's figure beneath, even her intimate attire. The weighty, ornate necklace gently presses down on the blouse, more closely defining the model's buxom curves. This coy half-perceived glimpse of the model's figure through such dream-like raiment is mesmerizing. For such airy apparel to adorn a goddess with such adorable facial features, yet exuding voluptuous passion, is is the ne plus ultra of feminine sensuality.

Click to enlarge

Katherine's golden hair flows over her shoulders like the languidly brushed tresses of a young girl, yet cascades into half-curves waves at the very tips. The foliage behind her teems with emerald richness, as if externalizing the model's own robust opulence. In an especially artistic touch by the photographer, observe that he captures a batch of red currants in the bottom-left corner of the frame, these juicy berries corresponding to the model's delicious red lip colour and accentuating the overall expression of ripe fecundity, the lavish bountifulness of the natural world, of which Katherine's blossoming beauty is the very flower.

Click to enlarge

Although in a way, it is a shame to see this paradisaical world in black and white, as the colours thus far have been glorious, the vivid interplay of light and shadow creates a strikingly cinematic effect. Katherine's glamorous features recall those of the legendary silver-screen starlets of the Golden Age of Hollywood (though truly, her beauty far surpasses that of any celluloid deity). Her expression is inexpressibly bewitching--at first, it creates the impression of a smile, but when one gazes at the photograph for a longer duration, one realizes that Katherine is not smiling at all, but rather, that she has "her ripe lips slightly parted, to give her rapid breathing vent" (as Charles Dickens expresses it in his novel Barnaby Rudge). The pleasure that she exudes is conveyed by her vibrant eyes, which communicate eagerness and expectation. In black and white, her lip colour appears dark and velvety, adding an exotic touch to her doll-like prettiness and accentuating the passions that she so vividly exudes. Here too the composition is skilful: the leaves in the foreground, combined with Katherine's expression, suggest a narrative in which the viewer has been pursuing the model throughout the woods, and now, at last, he has espied her through the greenery; and she, in turn, beams with thrill and delight at having been discovered.

Click to enlarge

Words can scarcely convey the fascination of the breathtaking images that have emerged from this shoot. The attractiveness of the model and the artistry of the photographic team have combined to create a harmonious presentation of timeless beauty in every aspect.

(Click images to view larger.)

- Katherine Roll Gallery

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Default Re: Katherine Roll: Magic and Mystery

I love the newest colour photograph because it offers a clear view of Katherine's pretty blouse, and because Katherine's eyes are so fetching. But every picture in this series is a dream come true. When I look at these photos, it's like someone took my ultimate fantasy of what the fashion world could be, at its most beautiful, and made it a reality.

Who wouldn't prefer photographs like this to what the fashion world often gives us? Instead of repellent pictures of anorexic cadavers, here's a luscious, shapely, robustly full-figured model. Instead of weird designer concoctions that are created merely for shock value, here are gorgeous fashions that are eminently wearable yet enhance a woman's femininity, making her look both elegant and seductive (the perfect mix). Instead of grim snapshots of urban blight, here are vibrant, natural locations that capture the imagination.

But as Graham said so well, the model is the key to it all. Every other attractive element in the photos exists to frame Katherine's beauty. She's the one who brings the photos to life, with her loveliness and talent.

Of all of the exciting images created by the plus-size fashion industry, I look forward to Katherine's photoshoots most of all.
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