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Default Lagerfeld, Prada -- progress?

Fashion-watchers heard the news, the other day, that Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld banned three models from his runway show for being emaciated:

The pertinent info:

Karl Lagerfeld revealed in Paris he had taken a dramatic stand on the size zero issue by rejecting three models for his Chanel catwalk show yesterday (Friday) because they were 'too skinny'.

"It is the first time I have ever done something like this," he said.

"I have nothing against skinny girls. But these were terrible. They looked as if they had grown up in a Third World country with no food to eat.

"I sent them back to the agency. I did not think they should be modeling," said the designer.

He described the three models – who he did not identify – as being so thin as to look 'almost deformed ' and agreed his stance may persuade other designers to follow suit.
It's good to hear -- although cynical readers might note that we only have the designer's word that he did this.

Also, the rest of his models still looked frighteningly underfed.

But even if it's only a PR move, it's a good PR move -- and I want to believe that it's true. If it is, then I hope that the three models whom he (rightly) rejected will now realize that they must stop starving themselves, and will actually begin eating.

And more importantly, I hope Lagerfeld's move prompts other designers to follow his lead -- prefereably in a more substantial way, by increasing the size of their fashions, therefore requiring fuller-figured models.

On the latter note, Prada recently made news by featuring a slightly less emaciated model in one of its shows:

The article optimistically describes the move as follows:

THE catwalk waif may be losing her sway. Miuccia Prada, the most-watched trendsetter in the fashion world, has signalled a move to curvier models by choosing a busty mannequin to parade a new sweater on the Milan runway where before she had stuck almost exclusively to stick-thin girls, writes Maurice Chittenden.

Experts are predicting that Prada’s lead will be followed in Paris this week by designers responding to health concerns sparked by the deaths of three South American “size zero” models and their influence on young girls.

Lara Stone, a size 8 Dutch model with a 34in bust, was cast last week by Prada, head of the label founded by her grandfather, to model a fine-knit but virtually see-through top to show off her breasts. “The casting was personal to her,” said the designer’s spokeswoman in Milan.

The performance by a bra-less Stone, 23, was in stark contrast to the far thinner and flatter-chested models who followed her.
Although it sounds encouraging, it's too early to celebrate. For one thing, a British size 8 is only a U.S. size 4 or 6 (in other words, still severely skinny), and for another, this was still just one model in a parade of starvation.

If an entire show were to book models her size or larger, then one could say that some progress had been made.

So while both Lagerfeld's and Prada's moves are commendable, they are still far too little.

But let's hope that this is the leading edge of a more meaningful and substantial change in the industry.
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