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Default Whitney: C11 finale & CG ad #11

Last week's episode of America's Next Top Model constituted the finale of Cycle 11, and, sadly, also brought to an end Whitney Thompson's celebrated "My Life as a CoverGirl" series.

Whitney's CoverGirl commercials surpassed anyone's hopes. They displayed stunning cinematography worthy of a feature film, and were shot in gorgeous locations whose natural beauty harmonized perfectly with the model's own timeless charms. Moreover, the company filmed Miss Thompson in an attractive and size-positive way.

Whitney's final CoverGirl commercial comprised a series of highlights from past installments, featuring shots for which we have already created screencaps. Please visit the previous CoverGirl threads on this forum to view stills of the images in this ad. However, the following lovely shot of Whitney in a New York taxicab originally appeared in the very first CoverGirl spot, but we missed it at that time, due to a technical glitch. It was fortunately repeated in this recap commercial, so here it is at last, preceding a link to the video of the ad itself.

- Click here to view CG video

* * *

Besides starring in her MLAACG commercial, Whitney also made two guest appearances during the final Cycle 11 episode--and of course, she completely outshone this season's competitors.

In Whitney's first scene, the cycle's finalists meet Jay Manuel by one of the Amsterdam canals. Whitney emerges from a boat moored to a pier, holding out her hand for assistance in a very ladylike manner.

She addresses the three remaining contestants, and offers them a few tips about how to excel in their forthcoming challenge--filming a CoverGirl commercial.

Who better to offer advice in this regard than Whitney, whose CoverGirl commercials have been bona fide masterpieces?

Miss Thompson looks especially glamorous in this segment, her hair shorter than one prefers, but still bouncy and beautiful.

The chandelier earrings and dramatic eyeshadow augment her opulent appearance.

Her voice is as sweet as honey, and her glances are as coy and flirtatious as ever.

Indeed, looking at Whitney, the Cycle 11 finalists must have realized how hopelessly outmatched they were, in beauty and talent, by last season's winner.

A reverse-view shot offers a passing glimpse of her figure.

Next, she exchanges a few words with Analeigh, the only even remotely attractive competitor of Cycle 11, and the girl who certainly should have been this season's winner.

* * *

In each season of America's Next Top Model, the winner of the previous cycle headlines the final runway show. Here we see Whitney arriving for this climactic event, the camera taking the opportunity to catch a glimpse of her decolletage.

Next, we see Miss Thompson dressed and ready for the show. The hairstyle is something of an acquired taste, but fans will be gratified to see that the Dutch designer tasked her with modelling a stylish and curve-friendly dress with a seductively plunging neckline. The pink hue wonderfully compliments her blonde beauty. Note the attractive curve under her chin--an especially appealing aspect of Whitney's soft facial features.

The model's countenance looks especially round and beautiful (oh, those cheekbones!) in the next screencap. She stands serene and elegant, indeed statuesque, while the designer makes a few last-minute adjustments.

The hairstylist too takes a moment to perfect Whitney's appearance--ignoring the rest of the girls, and focussing on the real star of the show.

In this final line-up before the event commences, notice how Whitney stands out from the rest of the girls, who all look bland and boring, garbed in drab, washed-out hues, while she appears lively and colourful, "plump and pink and flaxen."

And then, finally, the moment arrives, and Whitney steps forth--a supermodel if ever there was one.

Her bearing is regal and aristocratic; supremely self-assured. She puts to shame both Cycle 11 finalists who walk after her, leaving every viewer thinking, "Whitney should have automatically be crowned the winner of Cycle 11 as well."

She saunters forth in her signature, voluptuous manner--the ultra-feminine walk that made her the star of every Cycle 10 runway show.

Her sinuous movements bring the dress to life. Far from trying to minimize her curves, Whitney accentuates her hips as she walks, focussing every eye on her, inflaming male viewers' desire.

The path laid out for the models is an interesting deviation from the standard flat catwalk, a three-dimensional course involving ascending and descending planes--an undulating route of curves rather than angles, which seems to have been tailor-made for the shapely Cycle 10 winner.

Nothing could be more natural than seeing Whitney standing atop the runway hill--literally perched on a pedestal, forcing viewers to look up at her in awe.

She has the poise and mien of a born star. Even stepping gingerly down the stairs, she maintains her ladylike composure.

The episode's final shot of Whitney shows her leading the concluding, "clapping" runway parade.

* * *

Barring appearances by Whitney in future cycles of ANTM, this is the culmination of her time with the show. She beat all the odds (odds that were heavily stacked against her) to become the first plus-size winner in the show's history, and remains by far the most attractive and talented girl ever to appear on the program. The odds of there ever being another contestant as inspiring as Miss Thompson are virtually nil. She set a standard that no other model will be able to match, and in the process inspired a whole generation of curvy girls to realize that they are more beautiful, more exciting, and more deserving of the best things in life than their underweight rivals.

Congratulations once again to Miss Thompson, who is, and will always be, our top model.

- Click here to view finale excerpts video

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Default Re: Whitney: C11 finale & CG ad #11

Originally Posted by HSG
Whitney's CoverGirl commercials surpassed anyone's hopes. They displayed stunning cinematography worthy of a feature film, and were shot in gorgeous locations whose natural beauty harmonized perfectly with the model's own timeless charms. Moreover, the company filmed Miss Thompson in an attractive and size-positive way.
I agree. Whitney's CoverGirl series comprised one masterpiece after another, and were just probably the most beautiful half-minutes of film I've ever seen on television.

It really is a pity that Whitney isn't fuller-figured. If she was, she'd be just about perfect as a plus-size model. The idea that the fashion world resists even her size, which is very thin, is ludicrous.

By the way, I know that everyone here prefers classical music, but I like the fact that Whitney's last CoverGirl commercial had as its soundtrack a cover of "I Melt with You," but Modern English - a song that is wistful and, in its own way, quite sweet. Say what you will, but popular music in the early 1980s was almost tolerable (something it wasn't before, and hasn't been since). It was relatively melodic, and some of the early music videos of the time were quite creative.
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