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Default Greece still loves curvy beauty

I found this article to be really refreshing and enthusiastic. Its about the wonderful experience that one American columnist had when she went to Greece, and discovered that the women there are curvy, are proud of their full figures, and have an unabashed love of eating.

Here are the pertinent sections:

The Greeks really know how to live

I may be a woman with working-class German and American roots, but I think my soul is Greek.

I love this country. I'm writing from Greece, where I have discovered an entire country of people who share my values: eating and talking.

I have hit the mother lode. The food is soaked in olive oil, everything is topped with crumbling feta.

Forget the land of milk and honey; I'm in the land of goat cheese and gossip. And I love it. The enthusiasm with which the Greeks eat tells me they are kindred spirits.

I've spent much of my adult life struggling with my weight. Who knew that the answer to my problems was just an ocean away?

I don't talk and eat too much; I was just mistakenly placed on the wrong continent.

Did I mention that the Greek women have hips, thighs and tummies? No anorexics here; this is a country where real women jiggle. Most of the Greek women I've seen not only have a little extra padding around the middle, but get this, they flaunt it.

If you've ever had the horror of having to stand next to a woman from Paris or New York, you'll be delighted to know that the Greek women are about 40 percent bigger and 50 percent less self-conscious than waifs from other parts of the world. They don't care if their hips spill out over the top of their pants; they just order another round of olives and ouzo.

Jiggly women, tons of food and nonstop talking -- these are my people all right.

Is it any wonder Greece was the birthplace of democracy, philosophy and theater? It's amazing how much you can accomplish when you're not trying to diet or stifle your emotions.

Did I mention that the women here have voluptuous hips and thighs?

It's unlikely that I'm going to become an actual Greek citizen any time soon, so I'll just have to settle for a few more days of eating and talking.

But be forewarned America: I'm coming home a changed woman. I am a Greek Goddess. I eat a lot, and if you don't like it, too bad. I hear Aphrodite was a chubby chick.

Classical Greece gave birth to the timeless ideal of beauty, so its wonderful to know that curvaceous femininity is still admired there.

I wish more women would have an empowering experience like this columnist did, and learn to appreciate their naturally full figures.
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