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Default Nine in 10 girls pressued to starve (article)

It's never hard to remember the importance of a site like this when you come across articles such as the following, which reveals that nine out of 10 girls "feel pressured by the fashion and media industries to be skinny."

Here's the tragic text:

American teen girls feel pressure to be thin

Feb 1, 2010 1:18pm EST

NEW YORK (Reuters Life) - Almost nine in 10 American teenage girls say they feel pressured by the fashion and media industries to be skinny and that an unrealistic, unattainable image of beauty has been created, a poll showed on Monday.

The online survey of 1,000 girls aged between 13 and 17 for the Girl Scouts of the USA found that three quarters said they would be more likely to buy clothes that they see on real-size models than on women who are skinny.

But three out of four girls said that fashion is "really important" to them.

"The fashion industry remains a powerful influence on girls and the way they view themselves and their bodies," said Kimberlee Salmond, senior researchers at the Girl Scout Research Institute.

"Teenage girls take cues about how they should look from models they see in fashion magazines and on TV and it is something that they struggle to reconcile with when they look at themselves in the mirror," she said.

More than 80 percent of teen girls said they would rather see natural photos of models rather than pictures that had been digitally altered or enhanced...

One in three girls said they have starved themselves or refused to eat in an effort to lose weight...More than a third said they know someone who has been diagnosed with an eating disorder.

These statistics are horrifying. If one in three girls admits to starving, imagine how many actually are. More than a third know someone with an eating disorder? This is appalling. And when nine out of 10 girls feel pressured to be underweight, something is very, very wrong.

It's not at all surprising that fashion and the media influence these girls so much. These industries are precisely the cause of these eating disorders and the pressure to starve. They are directly responsible.

What is encouraging, though, is that three-quarters of the girls want to see images of fuller-figured models, images that aren't airbrushed. So where are these images - the images that girls are looking for? This study proves that it would be a lie to say that girls want to see anorexic-looking models and celebrities. They don't. An overwhelming majority of them want to see plus-size models.

So why doesn't the fashion industry give them what they want? Why doesn't the media create the more natural images that they know would curb eating disorders, improve body image, and sell clothing just as well (or better) than the skeletal pictures that they current produce?

It's way past time for the fashion/media empire to stop pushing emaciation, and to embrace timeless, full-figured beauty.
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