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Default British designer's size bigotry

I realize that if one wanted to, one could post endless stories about the fashion industry's thin-supremacist standards and anti-plus prejudices. But the designer who is quoted in this article deserves extra condemnation, because his excuses for his curve-o-phobia are so utterly pathetic.

Here's the article link.

Bear in mind that he's probably just seeking publicity, and that by even acknowledging his remarks we're just giving him what he wants. But still, these comments deserve ridicule.

Plus size girl will never make it as top models, says Julien Macdonald

Jun 13 2010 by Claire Rees, Wales On Sunday

TOUGH-TALKING designer Julien Macdonald has claimed a plus size girl will never make it as a serious model.
A "serious" model? Meaning a model is only serious if she has a serious eating disorder? That definition of "serious" shows how outright sociopathic the mainstream fashion industry is, as are the people who run it.

In a candid interview with Wales on Sunday, the Merthyr Tydfil-born Britain’s Next Top Model judge said:

- awarding modelling contracts to aspiring catwalk stars above a size six to eight [U.S. size 2 to 4] makes a mockery of the industry;
A "mockery"? The fashion industry already IS a mockery. The very fact that the fashion industry uses such emaciated, androgynous models is what makes it a mockery. Middle America, and any sensible person with sane moral values and aesthetic values, regularly mocks the waif-obsessed fashion industry for its fetish for emaciation, and for its grotesque, modernist vision.

- a larger model will never be accepted behind the scenes of a fashion show;
Wow. He out and out says that his entire industry is full of bigoted individuals -- and he says this as a blunt fact, as if the rest of society is just supposed to put up with it. Imagine if he'd said, "A black model will never be accepted behind the scenes of a fashion show" -- consider what howls of outrage such a comment would incite, and what that would do to the public opinion of the people he's talking about. Yet that's the exact moral equivalent of what he HAS said. That's why his industry IS a mockery.

Julien, who has an OBE for services for fashion, has been introduced to spice things up on the Living TV programme, and risks upsetting series founder and fuller figure poster girl Tyra Banks by insisting larger ladies would not be welcome on the British version.

“There were no plus size models,” he said.

“This is a serious show.

“You can’t have a plus size girl winning – it makes it a joke.”
Okay, (1) anyone calling a Top Model program, the bottom rung of reality TV, a "serious" show is himself a joke; and (2) his industry IS a joke -- precisely because it puts forth a degenerate standard of appearance for women.

Yes, the "mainstream" fashion industry is a joke, but not a funny one -- because models and women in general suffer life-threatening eating disorders because of it, and make their lives a living hell with self-imposed starvation just because sick individuals like this designer promote their perverted, unnatural vision.

America’s Next Top Model, the original series fronted by US model and chat show host Banks, who herself has spoken of her struggle with her weight, has awarded the prize to an American size 12 – a British size 16.

Whitney Thompson became the first plus size winner in 2008.

But panellist Julien...insisted the fashion industry will never accept a figure above a tiny size eight. [U.S. size 4]

“It’s not fair on them – you’re setting them up for a fall – I know what would happen to them afterwards,” he said.

“They are looked down on, they’re frowned upon. A catwalk model is a size six to eight [U.S. size 2 to 4].

“If you’re a size 14 in a room full of size eights – you’re in the wrong room.”
Again, he's openly acknowledging his own industry's prejudice. In a sane world, this would trigger a government intervention into this industry, and these comments would be used as incriminating testimony of fashion's institutional bigotry.

The idea that he could just say "A catwalk model 'is' a size six to eight [U.S. size 2 to 4]" as if it were a statement of fact is especially offensive, since there is no intrinsic reason for models to be that size, other than the prejudice of people like this designer himself. His statement is the exact equivalent of "Whites only." No one would tolerate that kind of assertion, and a "skinny only" policy is just as discriminatory and wrong.
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