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Default Curves aid fertility; thinness an impediment

In another example of medical research overturning diet-starvation propaganda and reaffirming the healthiness of the fuller female figure, an eye-opening new article at the Daily Mail confirms that plus-size women (those who are "over"weight and yes, also those who are supposedly "ob***") are naturally fertile and can produce healthy babies, while underweight women tend towards infertility and starve their own embryos.

Here are some highlights:

A study found that skinny women are less likely to become pregnant than those who are "over"weight – including those classed as dangerously ob***.

The researcher, fertility specialist Richard Sherbahn, said that the amount of attention being paid to the [supposed] health risks of being overweight meant that the perils of being underweight are being largely ignored.

The problem is being exacerbated by the ‘size zero’ culture in girls and young women striving to emulate the painfully thin look of models and other celebrities.

The difference in fertility between the plus-size women and the emaciated women is stunning. How ironic that the article still applies the adjective "dangerously" to curvy women, when, as this study shows, it is in fact being THIN that is dangerous to health. Being full-figured is actually healthy and beneficial:

Some 50 per cent of those in the normal weight group had babies.

This compared with 45 per cent of those in the ob*** group, which included women classed as "dangerously" ob***, and just 34 per cent of those classed as very thin.

The women classed as very thin had a BMI, or body mass index of 14 to 18.

Dr Sherbahn said that while some other studies had hinted that being skinny may be worse for fertility than being f**, he was ‘surprised’ at the size of the effect.

A devastating study posted on the forum last year showed that being androgynously thin renders women infertile because it kills their estrogen. But shockingly, this new study shows that even if this hormone deficiency is artificially treated, underweight women still tend to be barren, whereas plus-size women are naturally fertile.

It is known that being very thin can make it difficult to get pregnant naturally, due to a drop in the female sex hormone oestrogen.

But women undergoing IVF are given hormones, so this couldn’t be the reason for the results.

One possibility is that the embryos found it more difficult to implant in the wombs of the very thin women because they were undernourished.

So not only do women who subject themselves to exercise-torture often starve their own daughters (if they even have children) once those children are born, but, as this study shows, women who diet even starve their own embryos. It's truly horrifying.

The doctor who organized this study comments on the sociological background behind this alarming situation:

Dr Sherbahn added that women are likely unaware that it can be more damaging for their fertility to be too thin rather than too f**.

"I am no expert on the sociological side of it but I have a teenage daughter and it seems that girls idolise models who are anorexic-looking.

"It seems that the ideal body structure for young women is this overly-skinny physique and women don’t understand that there is any concern about that."

Once and for all, the media, and the medical field, must stop irresponsibly creating so-called weight "epidemics" out of whole cloth and pretending that being plus-size is unhealthy, when in fact, study after study shows that being full-figured is far healthier for women in every way. Furthermore, it must start reporting on the fact that being thin is the truly unhealthy condition for women, and that diet-starvation is dangerous and even life-threatening.
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