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Old 29th November 2011   #11
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Default Re: Katherine Roll: Magic and Mystery

Could there be a more perfect expression of timeless beauty than these gorgeous images? I think not. A stunningly full-figured model at a U.S. size 18, enchanting natural locations, a 19th-century aesthetic, and ultra-feminine fashions (the two white, lacy tops), and the result is an absolutely captivating presentation of the world as it should be, and the kind of rich, opulent visual environment that fashion could be creating on a regular basis, if only it were to abandon minimalism and the aesthetics of guilt and embrace the timeless beauty ideal.

I recently noticed that the photographer, Patrick Brassard, has added these images to his portfolio.

He even features a quote from this forum as the lead-in to the series:

This compelling photo series is every bit as artistic and aesthetically accomplished as the finest Vogue editorial. Or rather, it indicates what Vogue editorials might look like if the classical beauty ideal had never been displaced, and if full-figured femininity remained the dominant aesthetic of fashion and culture.

The images blend Victorian qualities and contemporary elements in a harmonious presentation that reconciles the best of both worlds and updates timeless beauty for a modern audience. The settings recall 19th-century postcards with all of their exquisite detail, yet the styling seamlessly pairs contemporary pieces with vintage designs.

If one ever seeks to identify what a better, nobler might look like, in all of its components, one need only reference this shoot, which brings timeless beauty to life and points the way forward to a cultural aesthetic restoration. (by HSG)

These images are like a portal into a more beautiful world, a world where the 20th century never happened and traditional beauty was still the cultural ideal that it was a hundred years ago. I wish I could step into the frame of these pictures and become a part of their lovelier reality.
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Old 30th December 2011   #12
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Default Re: Katherine Roll: Magic and Mystery

I usually prefer natural colours to colour filtering, but in this case, there is such artistry in the way that these photographs have been designed that they look stunning. I love how they've been crafted to recall 19th-century colourized images, especially like the outdoor images in this Victorian-themed thread,

but not to the point of mimicry. The colours have a refinement that Victorian colourization cannot achieve.

Likewise, the wardrobe choice is perfect. It's sufficiently contemporary that the shoot is no exercise in costume, but those gorgeous blouses are so feminine and Victorian that they give the shoot just the right flavour of historicity.

Katherine looks absolutely gorgeous in these pictures, which show how editorial she can be, but in an ultra-beautiful and darkly alluring way.
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