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Default Georgina Burke for Torrid

A few months ago, we posted about a spectacular magazine appearance from gorgeous plus-size model Georgina Burke (size 14/16), the shining star of the Jag Models board. Published in the arts-oriented publication Flatt Magazine, we hailed this as one of the finest tear sheets that any plus-size model had ever produced, and stated that none of Georgina's future work would ever rival that particular photo.

We were wrong.

As everyone will have heard by now, Georgina has been signed to be the face (and figure) of Torrid for the next year, and to inaugurate her reign, she has shot one of the most sensual, breathtaking swimwear campaigns that we have ever encountered.

It may not surpass her incomparable Flatt Magazine photograph, but it comes very close.

The swimwear look book opens with an image that is mocked up to resemble a magazine cover--but no Sports Illustrated swim-waif has ever matched Miss Burke's beauty in this picture. Instead of caving in her figure (as minus-size models often do), Georgina opens up her body and confidently flaunts her opulent charms. The striped swimsuit defines her generous hips, full waist, and ample voluptuousness, even as her fair tresses stray wildly every which way around her face and over her bare shoulders.

Click to enlarge

Coming in closer, we see the details that invigorate this image--tricks of the trade that make Sports Illustrated swimwear issues so enticing (despite the undernourished look of the models), but which are employed here to adorn a full-figured goddess: the damp, "wet look" hairstyle that attests to the model's own wild passions, the pouting lips and hungry expression that betray her appetitive, carnal nature, and the banked-down fire smouldering in her blue eyes. Observe too just how abundantly buxom she is--effectively accentuated by the sweetheart cut of the apparel--so much so as to make the viewer's heart race. Her pose is sensually languid and indolent, as if she were averse to any exertion and instead merely enjoyed living off the privileges to which her soft, blonde beauty rightly entitles her.

Click to enlarge

That image, however, is nothing compared to the following photograph. This image is reputed to cause cardiac arrest in every male viewer who lays eyes upon it. One can scarcely believe that it exists, so alluring is it. The model reposes heavily upon the white set, her rondeur evident despite the placement of her arm. Those arms appear soft and full, as do her beautiful legs. The pose is just the kind that an underweight swim model might strike, but with Georgina adopting it, the vision before the viewer's eyes is one of rich, luscious femininity.

Click to enlarge

But it is only when we come in close that we see what makes this picture so utterly thrilling. Georgina's wet, blonde hair drapes languidly, teasingly over her face, as if asking the viewer to reach out and brush it aside. Beneath those golden tresses, her eyes exude steamy desire. Her face is doll-like, even babylike, in its soft roundness, but oh, what enticing selfishness, what irresistible greed she exudes. Never was there so angelic-looking a model who allowed herself to acknowledge such sinful cravings in her expression--and yet all that the viewer would ever want in life is to give her everything she desires, for a goddess as lovely as this deserves to be indulged in every way (and she knows it). Her lazy tresses lead the viewer's eye down across her glistening skin to her heavy voluptuousness, so lovingly displayed by the body-accentuating Torrid swimwear. Soft curves of fullness even appear at her side, just above her thigh, as if her swim apparel could barely contain her figure. There has never been a plus-size model presented in as openly seductive a manner as Georgina is in this photograph.

Click to enlarge

Interestingly, however, the next two images (of four) in this look book, while very attractive, are not in the same league of sensuality as are the previous two masterpieces. This fact demonstrates yet again why plus-size models should be as full-figured as possible. In the case of Georgiana, she must be photographed in the most pro-curvy manner to become truly subversive. When she adopts different poses, some of her size regrettably vanishes.

Click to enlarge

Nevertheless, one still marvels at her smoky eyes--so blue and penetrating--at her damp, wild tresses (with which she plays in such a deliciously coquettish manner), and at her come-hither gaze.

Click to enlarge

In the final image of the four, with Georgina in black, alas, the goddesslike proportions that the first two photographs celebrated in such a glorious manner are all but absent, which demonstrates yet again why plus-size beauties should avoid solid-black colours altogether in swimwear and instead embrace the horizontal stripes and red polka-dotted patterns shown above, which exhibit opulent femininity in a more bold and alluring manner.

Click to enlarge

Nevertheless, this image has its own appeal, with the studio lighting reproducing, with surprising effectiveness, the "magic hour" golden glow that often adorns Sports Illustrated models in the magazine's swimwear issues. Georgina's tresses are as wild and witchy as ever, and her expression quite enticing.

Click to enlarge

Another pair of Georgina's Torrid swimwear images, these shot in a somewhat different style, appear in the label's new Spring 2014 look book. The model's unique pose frames her adorable, childlike facial features, while the way in which her golden hair flows all around her face, like a mane of gold, is utterly hypnotic. Oh, how the viewer would long to plunge his hands into that lustrous hair . . .

Click to enlarge

A second swimwear image in the spring look book finds Georgina in a style that, black though it may be, displays her plentiful voluptuousness in the most celebratory and seductive manner imaginable. Her languorous pose accentuates the impression that the model creates of an irresistibly indolent, passive goddess.

Also of interest--indeed, undoubtedly of great interest--to fans of this lovely model is this recent lingerie promotion featuring Miss Burke. Her blonde hair captivates the eye, and her magnificent buxomness is mesmerizing. One wishes that her waist were a tad fuller, to be sure, but the overall composition of the image--the chiaroscuro lighting, the rich carpeting, and the red roses--makes this a masterful presentation of plus-size beauty.

Click to enlarge

In addition to those still images, Torrid has also released two videos promoting Miss Burke, both of which are eve more subversively size-celebratory than the accompanying print campaigns.

In the first of the two, Georgina introduces herself and offers a few words about her life and career to date. What makes the video so captivating is the fact that one can see the model exhibiting that most sensual of all facial features, a soft curve under her chin. Adding that sensual trait to her innately lovely babylike face constitutes a near-ideal presentation of full-figured femininity.

The second video, however, comprises the most size-positive film footage that Torrid has produced in many a season. It is a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the Sports Illustrated-style swimwear look book that we feature in the first four images in this post. However, Georgina's physique looks much softer and fuller--and therefore more gorgeous--in the video images than in the stills. The camera seems to be in love with her as it lingers over every inch of her well-fed body and luxuriates in her languishing expressions. Note in particular the very final frames of the video, as the Torrid logo appears, which show a gorgeous swell of roundness at her middle that is not visible in the still photos.

Bravo to Torrid for an outstanding new promotion with its latest face and figure, Georgina Burke, and congratulations to the entire team that worked on the swimwear campaign for exhibiting a plus-size model in a more openly sensual manner than we have ever seen before in a mainstream commercial campaign.

Though one might still wish that Georgina were a tad fuller figured, when she is photographed in such a manner as to show off her curves as much as possible she does qualify as a true plus-size model. We wish her every success.

- Swimwear at Torrid

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