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Default Kailee: Soft & Sweet (Laura Prom 2006)

Our recent post about Kailee O'Sullivan's David's Prom 2006 magazine ad drew a veritable deluge of commentary, all earnestly in praise of this young model's beauty.

Perhaps the most interesting statement was the following, an exhortation from a reader asking that Kailee be added to our survey:

Kailee O'Sullivan please! At 5 ft 7 in and with measurements like Lorna Roberts, I am very healthy AND very happy with my figure (thanks to my loving husband AND this website!) But my lovely 10-year-old daughter is now starting to notice the rabidly anti-plus media. She insisted today that no boy would ever ask a girl to the prom unless the girl is thin. I immediately pulled up the stunning picture of Kailee in her prom dress. My daughter had to admit that she is GORGEOUS. This website is truly the best way for people of all ages to open their eyes to the reality of timeless beauty. Can't thank you enough! xx

But if Kailee's last prom ad caused a sensation, then we can only imagine how much greater the reaction will be to this, her first complete modelling campaign, which (fortuitously enough) is also a prom promotion, for Laura Canada.

So, without further ado, let's get right to the first image--which has elicited gasps of wonder from everyone who has seen it. We called Kailee's beauty "heavenly" before, but in this image, which is surely one of the most breathtaking headshots that any model has ever created, Kailee truly appears to be an angel descended from heaven, and clothed in voluptuous human form.

Never has any model more vividly exhibited the fair skin tone of a storybook princess, a delicate complexion that is "not the white that slides into pallor, but that white, tinged with blood, that was so prized by the Ancients" (as described by Firenzuola in his Renaissance treatise, On the Beauty of Women). Add to that Kailee's golden curls, her crystalline blue eyes, along with a highly complimentary pink dress, and appropriately opulent accessories, and Kailee truly appears to have stepped right out of a fairy-tale, so wondrous is her beauty. Her expression, suggesting the intoxicating vanity of a goddess who is well aware of her allure, makes the picture complete.

We must also pay a special compliment to the makeup artist, for gracing Kailee with the "Spun Sugar" look that is the ideal adornment for timeless beauty (as noted in a recent cosmetics-themed discussion). Kailee truly appears to be Helen of Troy come to life, with the "plump and pink and flaxen" attributes that define archetypal feminine allure.

(Memo to the female readers of this forum: while red may be the colour that is traditionally associated with romance, most men secretly acknowledge that no shade of lipstick is more irresistibly kissable than a well-chosen hue of pink.)

Moving on, here is a stunning image that shows off the Classical beauty of Kailee's figure. Although she is only listed as a size 12 (and many readers have rightly expressed a wish that she were fuller figured), her ideal height, 5'6, gives her a tremendous advantage over her taller rivals, because it enables her to present a curvy silhouette. The fact that Kailee's figure has a naturally soft appearance also helps to endow her with an attractive "plus look."

In fact, Kailee enjoys every aesthetic advantage as a plus-size model. Her round face is the very epitome of timeless feminine beauty (as embodied by Lillian Russell and other icons of loveliness throughout human history), and contrasts favourably with the androgynous, oval-shaped aspect of most modern waifs. Kailee shares this appealing roundess of facial features with the industry's most gorgeous models--Christina Schmidt, Kelsey Olson, and of course, the all-time ideal, Shannon Marie.

The above images are part of the Laura Prom Web campaign, but the company has also posted its Prom 2006 print catalogue online, in .pdf form. It is thrilling to see that Kailee's images are quite prominent in both promotions--and no wonder, since she puts the underweight models with whom she is paired completely to shame.

The following image is delightful not only because it emphasizes the tantalizing fairness of Kailee's skin, but also because this pose--showing the goddess captivated by the sight of her own beauty in a mirror--is one of the most evocative and archetypal presentations of womanly allure. The context here may be contemporary, but the pose is straight out of Titian and Rubens.

The following is a particularly attractive figure shot, but is unfortunately blurred, inasmuch as the photographer focussed on one of waifs who was closer to the camera. Nevertheless, the model's exquisite curves are clearly visible.

And finally, here are two more small images from the Laura print catalogue. This photograph dramatically indicates the height difference between Kailee and one of the campaign's stick insects, further reinforcing the visual advantage enjoyed by plus-size models who possess a more natural height than their Amazonian rivals.

And in this image, the soft fullness of Kailee's curves contrasts most admirably with the unattractive, artificially elongated look of the other models. The ocean makes a dramatic and effective natural backdrop.

Bravo to Kailee and to Laura Canada for creating a series of unique and eye-catching images in this campaign, and presenting plus-size beauty in such an appealing way. Surely this campaign proves--as if any more proof were needed--that voluptuous vixens are born to be belles of the ball, with decadent curves that fill out evening gowns and party dresses in a way that waifs can only envy. With timeless beauty such as Kailee's, a plus-size prom-goer earns the tiara of prom princess the moment that she slips into her outfit, and she may be sure that no man will be able to resist her charms . . .

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Old 16th February 2006   #2
M. Lopez
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Default Re: Kailee: Soft & Sweet (Laura Prom 2006)

I simply cannot get over how much Kailee resembles the lovely women in Angelo Asti paintings, or in gorgeous depictions of femininity from past centuries - particularly in that first image. It absolutely took my breath away. It's as if someone with a camera time-travelled into another time (a better time), and photographed what beauty once looked like, when femininity was revered.

And it still amazes me how much the fair hair has improved Kailee's look. It has transformed her into a bona fide goddess.

What an amazing generation of plus-size models is now emerging! Between the industry's most exciting young talent (Christina Schmidt, Kelsey, etc.), and the fact that models such as Barbara are doing the very best work of their careers, the industry has never had such a remarkable level of talent and beauty. If only there were more media opportunities for them (but classy ones), so that that the public could see how attractive full-figured women really are........
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Default Re: Kailee: Soft & Sweet (Laura Prom 2006)

Don't forget to notice also that Kailee is wearing absolutely lovely jewelry in this shoot and it really helps accentuate her beauty. The earrings and necklaces are delicate without being tiny, and lavish without being blingy.
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