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Old 7th June 2007   #1
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Default Kelsey: Torrid magazine ad!

How thrilling to see that the enchanting Kelsey Olson--the fairy-tale princess of plus-size modelling--has appeared in a print ad in no less esteemed a publication than InStyle magazine.

According to Miss Olson's agent, Dorothy Combs, (at whose agency Kelsey is the star model,) this page appeared in the April 2007 issue of the magazine.

We hope to have a larger scan to offer soon, but in the meantime, here is a small version of Kelsey's gorgeous tear sheet. It's as lovely a headshot as any model has ever created, and by far the most beautiful magazine ad that Torrid has ever produced.

The California sunlight bathes our princess in a warm afternoon glow, making her fair tresses shine with a golden light. The blooming flowers in the background herald the coming of the warm summer months. Kelsey's dress is strapless and sleeveless--the most alluring style of all for a full-figured goddess, showing off the soft loveliness of her neck and shoulders. The photograph even displays a hint of Kelsey's shapely arm, to remind viewers that what they are looking at--this ethereal vision, who surpasses any of the magazine's regular celebrities in grace and beauty--is a plus-size model, and one of the most gorgeous women of all time.

We have no doubt that every viewer who was privileged to see this page in InStyle immediately thought, "How I wish that there were a fashion publication which featured images of models such as this fair angel, instead of the cadaverous celebs who populate the rest of this magazine."

Perhaps someday soon, that wish will come true . . .

- Kelsey Olson gallery

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Old 10th June 2007   #2
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Default Re: Kelsey: Torrid magazine ad!

Kelsey looks amazing in this ad, surpassing even her own personal best. The picture is a dream vision of perfect beauty. Given the fact that Kelsey's dress is strapless/sleeveless, and with the blossoming flower bush in the background, it makes me think of a lovely outdoor bridal shoot (which is something that I still very much hope to see Kelsey appear in, one day).

This is an expression of Torrid at its very best: simultaneously classically elegant, and incredibly sexy. In fact, that's the epitome of timeless beauty...
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Old 11th June 2007   #3
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Default Re: Kelsey: Torrid magazine ad!

As a special treat for Kelsey Olson fans (who are legion), the Dorothy Combs agency has kindly provided us with an immaculate, high-resolution scan of Kelsey's enchanting Torrid ad.

Here is a larger version for display,

and fans can also view a wallpaper-width scan by clicking on the link below.

No model could ever hope for a lovelier appearance in a mainstream fashion magazine. We only hope that this is the first of many equally breathtaking tear sheets in the future . . .

- Click here to view larger

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